VG's Grocery Coupon Policy

Michigan VG's Grocery Coupon Policy

VG's Grocery is a small local chain of stores that offer a lot of different produce and goods that is available at all the other major chains.  VG's prices can be a bit expensive for thinngs that are NOT on sale, be very careful what you buy.  VG's prices can be unbeatable when combined with the use of couponing, good timing, and their YES! Card.

VG's Grocery Offical Coupon Policy can be found here

General Coupon Policy
  • Manufacturer's Coupons can not exceed value of product purchased
  • One Manufacturer's Coupon per pair if an item is on sale for Buy one Get one free items
  • Limit 3 identical coupons per household per day
  • Accepts most internet print coupons
  • Does not have any store coupons
  • Most stores double coupons up to .50 cents